Ethically produced jewellery:
Creating that perfect jewelry piece is difficult and extensive knowledge of the production process is needed. In order to make this process also sustainable and ethical, transparent and responsible sourcing practices are crucial. Understanding how materials behave is part of a millenary craftsmanship and brands should pay equal respect to their workers. This is why finding a trustworthy jewelry manufacturer that can support and guide you through the production process is decisive for the end product.

Finding the perfect jewellery manufacturer.
When selecting a production partner you better feel comfortable with your candidate and you should have somewhat of the same ideas about craftsmanship and responsible use of materials. It goes without saying that fair wages and good working conditions have to be guaranteed. The certification of organizations like B-Corp can help identify a great manufacturer. Communication is also key. Being informed during every step of the way is crucial to avoiding making mistakes and ending up with a product that does not fit your customer.

Introducing Ana Dyla:
The purpose of Manufy is to connect you as a brand to great manufacturers, and this is why we are pleased to introduce you to Hatice Tekin from Ana Dyla. We have known Hatice for a while now and she can help ethical jewelry ideas come to life. From hand-drawn illustrations to computer-rendered 3D designs to samples, production to speedy delivery. The jewelry makers at Ana Dyla have proven themselves in both craftsmanship and sustainability (B-corp certified). So if you have an idea, a sample or a proven concept for jewelry, we encourage you to reach out to Hatice!

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