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Let Manufy's network of certified manufacturers know what you need. Place a request for quotation, explain your requirements, set your price point and let our manufacturers find you with a click of a button. Your sustainable fashion production run starts here.
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Let our network of manufacturers know what you're looking for with a request for quotation. Inform them about products needed, minimum quantities, expected price point and delivery terms.


Manufacturers in the Manufy network can react to your quotation request. Compare offers from different sourcing parties, negotiate terms and conditions and chat with them in your own dashboard.

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Choose the manufacturer of your liking and seal the deal! Your sustainable clothing production run starts here!

Create more purpose in your business

By sharing your story, we can match the right partner who share the same values.


Manufy aims to connect buyers, manufacturers and freelancers that are located within the EU in an efficient, transparent and - most importantly - sustainable way. By doing this we hope to strengthen the European economy, create more support for local sourcing, providing quality over quantity and helping businesses of all sizes grow. Join Manufy today and be part of the sustainable future!

The finest manufacturers in the EU

We've selected the best European manufacturers to get your job done. Harness their power by requesting a quotation and receiving their offers. Your sustainable clothing production starts now!

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Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and fair Fashion industry. On Manufy we connect conscious brands with eco-friendly manufacturers from the EU, improving the industry one production job at a time. We stand for sustainability, strengthening local economies and creating a better planet. Are you ready to join?

Are you ready to join?
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