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Showcase your work to the world! Upload images of your products, provide specifications of your craft and display your specialities.


Join our community! Connect with buyers by bidding on their quotation requests or chat with them directly.

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Create samples and start your sustainable production.We facilitate and simplify this process for you, saving you time and energy.


Manufy aims to connect buyers, manufacturers and freelancers that are located within the EU in an efficient, transparent and - most importantly - sustainable way. By doing this we hope to strengthen the European economy, create more support for local sourcing, providing quality over quantity and helping businesses of all sizes grow. Join Manufy today and be part of the sustainable future!

Why Manufy?

Right now, finding new leads for your business or the right manufacturers for your innovative products might be quite a difficult task. Searching on the internet, traveling the world to exhibit on fairs or trying to get the hold on brands through social media might have been the best way for now.

All these options can also be very time consuming, expensive and might lead you into the wrong direction regarding customers or manufacturers. Besides, Asian counterparts have been developing their business at a rapid pace for the last 20 years.

That is why we would like to introduce you to Manufy: EU’s first sustainable sourcing platform!

What is Manufy? Manufy is an online marketplace that connects buyers to the best suited manufacturers within the EU. Manufy lets you create your own business page where you can showcase your products and services, easily make or bid on quotations and show all your granted certifications.

The best part is, you can become part of Manufy for free!

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Manufy - How it works

Gain visibility & attract new customers

The Manufy platform helps you to manage your order during all stages of the production process. Source locally, get quotations, gain efficiency and use our community.

Join as a Manufacturer

Manufacturer Perks

  • Gain new leads

  • Bid on quotations

  • Chat with potential buyers

  • Create your own dashboard

  • Showcase your craft

  • Streamline production

  • Use Manufy's management toolkit

  • Show your earned certificates

  • Join our community and network


Manage your request, facilitate transactions and see all updates through your dashboard.

Manufy Credits

With your Manufy credits you can react to quotations and bid your best offer.

Partner Badge

Show the world you do business for good with our Manufy badge.

Tree compensation

As a welcome gift we plant a tree in your name together with Trees for All, to offset your carbon emissions and help you make a positive environmental impact.

Tips & tools

Learn more about sustainability in the industry and grow your business.

Showcase your products

Display your specialty products from your catalogue and attract new buyers.

How does it work for manufacturers?

Awesome projects need awesome producers. Registering an account as a manufacturer on Manufy is very easy, and the best part is that it’s free! With your account you will be able to explore through the platform, create your own profile and showcase your work. Once you are all set up you can start bidding on quotations. To bid on a quotation from a buyer you will need Manufy credits.

1 Manufy credit = 1 bid on a quotation

As a welcome gift you will receive 3 FREE Manufy credits, this will enable you to bid on 3 different quotations! Every credit is valid for up to a year after purchase.

Learn more about pricing

A Manufy account will give you access to:

  • Personalised Manufacturer Dashboard

  • Insight in Own Sustainability Parameters

  • Access to all Quotation Requests

  • Messaging Tool

  • Unlimited messages to Buyers

  • Show up to 5 products from your catalogue

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Welcome gift: 3 free Manufy Credits

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Quotation Wall

Get a complete overview of all buyer’s quotations on the Manufy’s Quotation Wall. Get notified every time a new request is made and check, select and bid on buyer’s quotations with your Manufy Credits.

Connect directly with Manufacturers

The Manufy platform helps you to manage your order during all stages of the production process. Source locally, get quotations, gain efficiency and use our community.

Join as a Brand

Sustainable Certificates

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