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Blog More than textiles; a system.
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More than textiles; a system.

In our second episode of our online webinar serie, Fashion Talks, we invited Niccy Kol, from Raddis Cotton to dive deep into the world of sustainable material sourcing.

Blog Can fashion be sustainable?
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Can fashion be sustainable?

In our brand new online webinars called Fashion Talks together with fashion professional Suzanne Delaney, founder of Rplanet, we discussed what true sustainability looks like.

Blog Change agents: Lorena Villegas
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Change agents: Lorena Villegas

Textile waste can be a valuable commodity for many, like for Lorena Villegas. Read how she began producing locally and how she found her mission within the industry.

Blog Change-makers: Renoon | Iris Skrami
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Change-makers: Renoon | Iris Skrami

Iris Skrami, the co-founder of Renoon talked with us about her journey towards sustainability within the fashion industry and which struggles she faced that led to creating a FashionTech comp

Blog The 6 main benefits of local production
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The 6 main benefits of local production

Local production might be the starting point for change within the fashion industry. Read more about why you should be shifting to local sourcing and how it can benefit your business.

Blog Manufy Tips | The tech pack
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Manufy Tips | The tech pack

Creating a fashion collection requires a lot of knowledge, one of them is the creation of a tech pack. Learn the basics and ensure clear communication with your manufacturers.

Blog Fashion a là corona
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Fashion a là corona

Fashion trends adapt to social circumstances, and sustainability, comfort and consumer behavior start playing a bigger role.

Blog The Sustainables
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The Sustainables

Good-looking and low waste lifestyle products, that’s what The Sustainables represents. They make sustainable and reusable products that replace single-use plastic in your everyday life.

Blog Heunec Plüsch
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Heunec Plüsch

Heunec Plüsch is a producer of toys, stationed in Germany. Great quality is one of the core values of the company.

Blog GcmF
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GcmF is a brand with a passion for leather. The main mission of the brand is finding the perfect balance between style and sustainability.