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  • Personalised Buyer Dashboard

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  • Manufacturer compare tool

  • Sustainability insights per manufacturer

  • Messaging Tool

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  • Unlimited Orders

  • Easy Manufacturer search

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  • Personalised Manufacturer Dashboard

  • Insight in Own Sustainability Parameters

  • Access to all Quotation Requests

  • Messaging Tool

  • Unlimited messages to Buyers

  • Show up to 5 products from your catalogue

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Welcome gift: 3 free Manufy Credits

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How does it work?

Awesome projects need awesome producers. Registering an account as a manufacturer on Manufy is very easy, and the best part is that it’s free! With your account you will be able to explore through the platform, create your own profile and showcase your work. Once you are all set up you can start bidding on quotations. To bid on a quotation from a buyer you will need Manufy credits.

Credit pricing

With 1 Manufy credit you can bid on 1 general quotation. You can always buy more credits on your quotation wall.

As a welcome gift you will receive 3 FREE Manufy credits, this will enable you to bid on 3 different quotations! Every credit is valid for up to a year after purchase.

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