Energy use: The heaviest emitter

To better understand how you can reduce the emissions of clothing production, we need to look closely to where the carbon emissions are actually generated in the supply chain. The most polluting factor is the energy usage required for production steps , such as treatment, washing and steaming. The source of the energy is key to determine how polluting the factories are in your supply chain. location is a big factor here. In Asia especially, electricity is on average around 50% coal sourced. This results in a 51% higher emissions factor than for example the same production in a European country such as Portugal. Also within Europe there are differences in energy mix per country. By using Manufy we can help you find the best fit for you and even offset any inevitable emissions through our carbon offset program.

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The rise of fast fashion

Over the past decade the overall emissions and other environmental impact factors of the textile industry increased by 35 per cent. This is due to the rise of fast fashion and a change towards an overconsumption consumer mindset. It is projected to continue to increase under a business-as-usual scenario. It is crucial for brands and manufacturers to work together to overcome this projection. Collaboration through a platform like Manufy will help speed up this process significantly.

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Even though when you choose to use nearshoring there will be emissions that are generated from production, washing and treatment of the garments. These are significantly less than from Asia, due to the difference in energy usage. As it is difficult to calculate these emissions exactly, we have used some industry averages used in previous studies. We want to help you as brand to produce with the least amount of emissions and have committed to off-setting every order on Manufy through reforestation projects. These projects are carefully chosen and monitored by our partner Regreener. They offer various carbon offsetting projects, such as agroforestation in Uruguay and wind energy in Turkey.

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