Manufacturer pricing plans

Applicable from 28-03-2023 and onwards

You have been a part of Manufy for a while now; finding new business, creating beautiful products, and getting in touch with brands from all over Europe.

Over the course of last year our team has been brainstorming and testing to find the right model to keep Manufy the thriving marketplace it is. Until now, we have provided our users with most of our tools for free, only asking for a 5% success fee on jobs done.

After gathering lots of feedback from users, we see that this is not the right way forward. The fee was too high and we had to implement inconvenient measures, like blocking email and phone numbers, to keep all parties on board.

This was not the most user friendly experience and created unnecessary hurdles that stood in the way of what the platform is made for: doing business.

That is why, from 28-03-2023 onwards, you can continue enjoying Manufy and all of its perks as a membership platform. No more variable success fees or hidden costs. Just an upfront subscription fee.

Thank you for trusting in us and have an awesome day.

*These pricing plans will be applicable from 28-03-2023 and onwards.

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