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In 2016, world plastics production totaled 335 million metric tons. The main cause of the increase in plastic production is packaging. Half of the annual plastic production is destined for a single-use product.

RePack’s ambition is as big as it is simple. By making reuse normal again, we will eliminate, completely, the waste created by e-commerce. RePack is an award-winning and globally unique reusable and returnable packaging service. It is designed for online retailers and shoppers. For you and me. RePack simply replaces single-use delivery packaging.

An empty RePack is folded into letter size and dropped to any post box, anywhere in the world, free of charge. This innovation results in substantial benefits for online retailers, but also for our environment and our society.

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How to use it?

Do you want to quickly reduce your ecological impact as a brand? With Repack reuse-as-a-service, you simply replace
single-use packaging in your warehouse, we manage the rest for you.

  • You purchase RePack bags from us
  • You ship to your customers in RePacks
  • Your customers return the empty RePacks to us
  • Product returns come back to you in RePack
  • We take care of reverse logistics and cleaning

Repack also offers a rental system for the smaller brands not wanting to worry about owning the packages. For the bigger brands Repack also offers a B2B solution for large quantities of intra company shipments from 1000 pieces per month.

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By offering the RePack option through your Shopify integration, you can expect about 30% of your customers to select it. You will therefore eliminate a third of your packaging waste and reduce co2 emissions by 80%.

  • Repack size S – €295,- box of 100

  • Repack size M – €325,- box of 100

  • Repack size L – €350,- box of 100

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Repack & Manufy

Manufy is continuously looking for partners that can help our brands and manufacturers realize their sustainability goals. Repack has developed a circular and practical solution for all your packaging needs. By using Repack you reduce your co2 emission by 80% compared to ordinary single use packaging. That is why Manufy wants to introduce Repack to its brands, so we all can start reducing our ecological footprint step-by-step.

Do you need help?

Can I also get help with choosing the right packaging option or do you have any other questions?
That is possible! Please ask us via our discord channel, or send us an email.

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