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The solutions of bAwear score are created to make the calculations and reporting of the environmental footprint of textile products less time consuming, more cost-effective and so more accessible. Become empowered to create better insights and footprint comparisons faster while collecting your own precious primary data and creating the basis for your credible sustainability claims.

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How to use it?

Do you want a quick insight into the impact of a product and compare it with another product? For example because you have chosen a different, more durable material or a different finish, painting technique…? Then use YourQuestion to make this comparison.

This can provide a basis for better choices at the beginning of the development process. Within YourQuestion, options regarding the most influential factors on environmental impact are entered in the tool, in order to make a comparison of two products.

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The YourQuestion application is paid with credits, these are deducted from the credits in your account. A YourQuestion calculation costs 1 credit.

When purchasing a bundle of credits, the price per credit is lower:

  • 1 Credit – €50,- p/credit

  • 10 Credits – €45,- p/credit

  • 50 Credits – €37.50 p/credit

  • 100 Credits – €32.50 p/credit

  • 250 Credits – €25,- p/credit

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bAwear & Manufy

bAwear has created practical and accessible tools to help analyse, report and identify the environmental impact of your textile products. By teaming up, bAwear & Manufy empower you to create better sustainability and buying insights and decision making.

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Can I also get help filling out the tool or do you have any other questions?
That is possible! Please ask us via our discord channel, or send us an email.

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