Clothing Manufacturing in Sweden

Sweden is a globally competitive producer and exporter of clothing products. The country has a long history in clothing manufacturing and Swedish clothing is celebrated for its high quality, diversity, and timeless elegance. Swedish clothing manufacturers specialize in everything from laid-back clothing to catwalk fashion and traditional garments. Also, sustainability is at the core of clothing manufacturing in Sweden.

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Sweden’s Export

Sweden exports a wide range of clothing products to EU countries and the rest of the world. Babies’ garments form the bulk of Swedish clothing exports, followed by women’s wear and men’s wear. They also export a considerable amount of sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, activewear, and suits.

Boras City and Stockholm are home to most of Sweden’s renowned fashion brands and clothing manufacturing companies. There are around 1800 clothing manufacturing companies in Sweden with 473 of them located in Stockholm and Vastra Gotaland has about 370. Skane county has 200 clothing manufacturing companies, while Ostergotland has 78, and Uppsala has 71. These companies are fairly spread out across Sweden.

Clothing Manufacturing

Swedish clothing manufacturing companies produce all kinds of clothing products including designer clothing, casual wear, wedding gowns & dresses, suits, children’s wear, uniforms & workwear, swimwear, sportswear, nightwear, traditional wear, and many more. Furthermore, these companies use the most advanced clothing production techniques. Nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process is automated.

Highly-Favorable Destination

Sweden is considered a highly-favorable destination for apparel manufacturing thanks to its high level of technological advancement. Manufacturing companies have access to new sewing technologies and a highly skilled labor force. Also, they have modern infrastructure which provides an enabling environment for manufacturing companies to carry out their operations. Being a member of the EU, Sweden provides a larger market for clothing products.

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