Clothing Manufacturing in Slovenia

For centuries, the clothing sector has been one of the most important in the Slovenian economy. In 2019, Slovenia exported clothing products worth $377 million. Some of the clothing products produced in Slovenia include babies’ garments, children’s wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, uniforms, workwear, casual wear, and traditional garments.

There are around 400 clothing manufacturing companies in Slovenia. Some of the companies operate as outsourced production facilities for foreign and local fashion brands. Ljubljana—Slovenia’s capital has around 40 companies, Kranj has 18, and Maribor has 16 clothing manufacturers. Other cities such as Celje, Domzale, Medvide, Skofja Loka, and Izola also have a fair share of clothing manufacturing companies. These manufacturers specialize in making all kinds of clothing products using modern sewing techniques.

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Why Slovenia is a great destination for manufacturing apparel

  • Skilled workers

Slovenia has a rich clothing manufacturing history since ancient times and the Slovenian government has invested in training its workforce in order to remain competitive in the international apparel market. As a result, Slovenia has a highly skilled labor force in the clothing manufacturing industry that manufacturers can leverage.

  • Strategic location

Slovenia is located between Central Europe and Western Balkans, and its strategic position allows manufacturers to access both emerging markets and those with high demand. It also helps with logistics, clearance and fast shipping.

  • Excellent infrastructure and communications technology

Slovenia boasts highly developed infrastructure for inland transportation of goods. The country has modern roads, three international airports, fast internet, a modern port, and rail network. With their reliable information and communications technology, companies can benefit from seamless connections and hassle-free communication.

Great Destination for Manufacturing

Generally, Slovenia offers nearly everything that apparel manufacturing companies may look for in a country.

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