Romania’s Industry Lead

For over 100 years, Romania’s clothing manufacturing industry has maintained a significant lead over its counterparts in Eastern Europe. Today, it’s one of the largest or producers of clothing in Eastern Europe. Around 80% of the clothing made in Romania is for the export market, and an estimated 2% of the Romanian workforce is employed in the clothing industry.

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Preferred Destination for Manufacturing

Romania is one of the preferred destinations for apparel manufacturing because of the cost advantages it offers compared to other European countries. Also, its proximity to Western Europe allows companies to save on shipping costs. Romania has invested in manufacturing training, so they have a pool of skilled people who work in clothing production companies.

Romania has nearly 1000 clothing manufacturing companies located in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Patra Neamt, and Braila.  A majority of these companies are located in Romania’s capital—Bucharest which has around 87 of them; Cluj-Napoca has around 30 companies; Oradea has 22; the rest are spread out across the country.


Clothing manufacturing companies in Romania specialize in the production of all kinds of clothing including suits, casual wear, men’s and women’s jeans, sportswear, undergarments, nightwear, traditional Romanian attires, and many more.

Currently, Romanian production facilities are very popular among top luxury brands because of their skilled workforce and new technologies.

Manufacturing Processes

Clothing manufacturing companies in Romania use modern manufacturing processes and equipment throughout all the stages of cloth making. Everything from developing designs and cutting to assembling and finishing is handled using special-purpose machines. Modern technology has allowed these companies to reduce fabric wastage, improve efficiency and production capacity, lower production costs, and deliver high-quality apparel that can compete in the international market.

Generally, Romania is a good destination for apparel manufacturing companies.  Its highly trained labor force, geographical advantages, and modern infrastructure make it an attractive destination for investment.

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