Importance of the Clothing Sector

The clothing sector is an important part of the Maltese economy. Though its clothing exports are lower compared to their European counterparts, the country is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to clothing production.

Clothing production companies in Malta specialize in making all kinds of clothing products including men’s wear, women’s wear, babies’ garments, children’s wear, uniforms, workwear, swimwear, sportswear, and many more.

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Manufacturing Opportunities

A majority of clothing production companies in Malta are located in major towns such as Valletta, Victoria, Birgu and Sliema. These companies have incorporated modern sewing machines and other new technologies in their production to maximize efficiency and lower production costs.

Malta offers many opportunities for clothing manufacturing companies that may consider opening production lines in the country.

Why choose Malta for apparel manufacturing?

  • Political stability

Malta is a democratic country governed by the rule of law. The country has never experienced any political instability that could scare away foreign investors. Besides, Malta applies EU laws and regulations within its legal system.

  • Low cost of production

Malta offers investors a range of cost advantages including competitive tax rates, lower real estate costs, medium-level salaries and wages, and competitive labor force. These cost advantages ensure manufacturers earn higher returns on their investment.

  • Economic security

The Maltese government has implemented a range of measures over the years to ensure sustained economic growth.  Even in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Maltese government has put in place various measures to cushion business and support families.

  • Modern infrastructure

Malta has nearly all the infrastructure manufacturers need to operate their businesses efficiently.

There are many other factors that make Malta an attractive location for setting up clothing manufacturing companies.

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