Clothing production in France

France is recognized globally as one of the leading countries in fashion and clothing manufacturing. The French clothing industry has an outstanding reputation that dates back to the 17th century.

Many prestigious fashion brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Channel, and many more have come from France. The French capital remains one of the cities in the world that have a major influence on fashion trends.

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High Amount of Manufacturers

France has thousands of clothing manufacturing companies that specialize in making a wide range of clothing products. Some of the popular clothing produced in France include designer clothing, denim clothing, baby & children clothing, ethnic wear, underwear, nightwear, trousers, shorts, uniforms, workwear, urban streetwear, leather clothing, skirts, blouses, sportswear, and many more.

Well Known for Fashion

Many cities in France have gained prominence for being major fashion hubs and clothing production centers. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Cannes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, and Lille have the most number of clothing manufacturing companies. Paris is particularly well known for the production of designer jeans, skirts, sweaters, khakis, button-down shirts, jackets, blouses, men’s suits, women’s suits, swimwear, outdoor wear, nightwear, and many other types of clothing. These are basically the types of clothing that are manufactured in other French cities.

Manufacturing Techniques and Technology

Clothing manufacturers in France use automated techniques like the rest of the world. Some clothing manufacturers in France are considering introducing robots (sewbots) in clothing manufacturing. Already, some companies use sewbots to make t-shirts.  Sewbots use robotic arms and cameras to cut and sew fabric in just four minutes. Though this technology hasn’t been refined to a point where it can be used to make other types of clothing, it looks like it might replace humans in clothing factories.

France is a great country to manufacture clothes in as they have the most advanced clothing-making technologies, a highly-skilled labor force, and endless manufacturing capacity.

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