Clothing Production Industry in Belgium

Clothing manufacturing is one of the largest industries in Belgium with an estimated export value of around $5.2 billion in 2019. While their clothing exports declined in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Belgium is still one of the leading exporters of different types of clothing products. Outerwear for men and women makes up more than 50% of clothing exports in Belgium.

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Popular clothing products in Belgium

The clothing products that are mostly produced in Belgium include T-shirts, jerseys, cardigans, women’s suits, dresses, skirts, men’s suits, blazers, leggings, waist coats, and many other clothing products. Traditional Belgian clothing for men and women is also very popular in Belgium.

Belgium cities with the most number of clothing manufacturing companies include Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Leuven, Liege, Mechelen, Mons, Charleroi, Ostend, and Kortrijk. Spending on clothing in these cities and other parts of Belgium has consistently increased over the years.

Clothing manufacturing techniques in Belgium

Techniques used in clothing manufacturing in Belgium are pretty much the same as those used in other European countries. Most manufacturers have embraced computer-aided design (CAD) for silhouette pattern development, embroidery, texture mapping, and many other purposes. This technique enhances production speed, minimizes fabric wastage, and cuts down costs.

They also combine other techniques such as sewing, fusing, pressing and finishing. Some clothing manufacturers use hand-knitting to make exquisite clothing for their target consumers, though it’s very few manufacturers who use this technique.

Reasons To Set Up in Belgium

Belgium is very advanced in clothing and apparel manufacturing which is making companies want to set up clothing production companies in the country. Everything from impressive demand for clothing products and advanced technologies to easy access to raw materials and advanced infrastructure makes Belgium a preferred choice for setting up a clothing manufacturing company.

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