Clothing Production Industry in Austria

Austria is a globally competitive manufacturer of clothing, fabrics, and a wide range of textile products. The value of clothing exported from Austria has increased consistently and currently stands at nearly 4 billion U.S. dollars. The strength of Austria’s clothing lies in outerwear, underwear, and activewear.

Some of the factors driving the clothing industry in Austria include low-cost production, modern machinery, and the demand for high-quality apparel among consumers.

The most popular types of clothing in Austria include shorts, tops, sweaters, bikinis, G-strings, thongs, leggings, bike shorts, tracksuits, and many more. A majority of fashion brands in Austria specialize in these types of clothing to meet the demands of consumers.

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Clothing manufacturing techniques used in Austria

A majority of clothing manufacturers in Austria use computer-aided design (CAD) in garment making from designing to production. CAD systems help with embroidery, pattern development, pattern detailing, pattern grading, and marker making. Clothing manufacturers prefer this technique because it’s time saving, cuts down wastage, and offers endless visual possibilities.

Clothing manufacturers in Austria also use sewing to perform processes that cannot be accomplished effectively using CAD systems. Things like fixing buttons, attaching belt loop, and pocket welting are best accomplished by sewing.

Fusing is another technique used by manufacturers for interfacing pieces of fabric to produce excellent quality garments.

Manufacturing Cities

Some of the cities in Austria with the most clothing production companies include Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Klagenfurt, Saint Polten, and Eisenstadt. The clothing industry in these cities is bolstered by the high population and demand for clothing products.

Reasons To Set Up in Austria

Among the reasons fashion brands would want to set up clothing production companies in Austria include high demand, low cost of production, business-friendly regulations/ policies, advanced clothing production solutions, amazing design capacity, and many more.

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