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Malta is a dwarf state located in the mediterranean sea. We will tell you some fun facts about Maltese people. The Maltese people are known for their happiness. They want to celebrate things whenever possible, and they are unstoppable. When they talk and you hear them talk as a foreigner, you can not tell if they are happy, angry or sad. You probably think they are having an argument, because it sounds a little aggressive. In some countries, everything is rushed, for example, look at New York. The people in Malta are nothing like this, and they are sometimes a bit relaxed. All told, the Maltese people are very kind and open-hearted. 


Some traditional Maltese foods are ‘Ftira ghawdxija’, ‘Hobza biz zejt or Ftira’, ‘Gbejniet’ and ‘Pastizzi’. Ftira ghawdxija is a traditional dish and consists of flatbread. It is some sort of pizza, but it differs from a traditional pizza because the consistency is thicker. This dish is served with potatoes on top. Hobza biz zejt or Ftira is a bread that tastes like a doughnut. Many people put toppings on top of the bread, like onions or olives. Gbejniet is a traditional Maltese cheese, sometimes it is made out of normal milk but it can also be goat milk or sheep milk. Pastizzi is a savoury pastry and usually filled with ricotta or mushy peas. 

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The nature of Malta is beautiful. They have a very breathtaking coastline. A thing you can do when you are in Malta is diving. A popular place for diving is the archipelago’s and is recently called out for being one of the best diving spots in the world. The city centre of Valletta, the capital of Malta, is unique. When in Valletta, be surprised by all the historic and architectural buildings. When you visit Malta during the summer, a lot of festivals are celebrated. For instance, the feast of Santa Marija is celebrated during a whole week. 

  • Malta is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
  • The currency in Malta is the Euro. 

Famous business people

Alfred Pisani, David Vella, Diane Izzo, Lori Hanlon, Thomas Flohr, Dave Liu, Georg Westin.