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Luxembourg, a small country bordering Germany, Belgium and France. Luxembourg is a rich country, namely the second wealthiest country in the world after Qatar. Due to this fact, the minimum wages in Luxembourg are the highest in Europe. When starting a life in Luxembourg with children, you do not have to worry about the safety of your children, because Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in Europe according to the UN survey. When you intend on tasting some good wines in Luxembourg, you can visit the Restaurant Chiggeri. This restaurant offers the world’s largest wine list.


The Luxembourgish cuisine is an international cuisine, due to all the countries that border Luxembourg. For example, some dishes are influenced by Germany. Some of the typical Luxembourgish dishes are ‘Bouneschlupp’, ‘Judd mat gaardebounen’, ‘F'rell Am Rèisleck’ and ‘Quetschentaart’. Bouneschlupp is a soup made of vegetables, like beans and has a thick consistency, due to all the ingredients inside them. Potatoes and bacon are also included in this dish. Judd mat gaardebounen is a dish with beans, potatoes and smoked pork. This dish is usually made around summertime because of the fresh harvest. F'rell Am Rèisleck is a fishy dish with freshwater trout mixed in a wine sauce and served with potatoes alongside. Quetschentaart is a Luxembourgish dessert, that is an open fruit tart. This dessert is generally served during Fall, because of the fresh plums.


Language is import for the Luxembourgish people. They are really good at it actually, because the majority of the inhabitants can speak three languages and these languages are fluently spoken. They speak Luxembourgish, German and French. The civilians have a national motto and it reads: ‘Mir wëlle bleiwe, war mir sin’. Any clue what that means? It means: ‘We want to remain what we are’. Luxembourg wants to protect their country from threats and do not want to be owned by other countries anymore. Because Luxembourg is a small country, one of the smallest in the world, it is, for a fact, the least populated country in Europe.

  • Luxembourg is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
  • The currency in Luxembourg is the Euro. 

Famous business people

Gerard Lopez

Historical famous business people

Étienne Lenoir.