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Estonia, a small country in Europe next to the Baltic Sea. Fun fact, mostly women live in Estonia. Why is that? Because Estonian women live almost ten years longer than men. So if you are searching for a woman being the love of your life, visit Estonia. Estonia is also a country with a relatively small population. It is not crowded, so when you want to restore your inner peace, visit Estonia and be amazed by all the spacious places. A pro for the inhabitants in Estonia is that they travel free through the country with public transport. 


The Estonian cuisine is very important for the inhabitants. The best food will you find visiting local food places. You can easily say there is something for everyone. Bread, chocolate and fish, you can find a lot of delicious meals. ‘Kvass’, ‘Rye bread’ and ‘Kiluvõileib’ are some traditional dishes. Kvass is a (generally) non-alcoholic drink made from rye bread. The taste is hard to describe, it is a bit sour. Rye bread, Estonian people love their bread. It is a homemade bread made of rye kernels. There are a few places where they say you can get the best rye bread. For example, the places ‘Leib Restoran’ and ‘Muhu Pagarid’ should have the best rye bread.

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Estonia has a rich culture full of dancing and singing. For example, they have a lot of folk songs. Every five years there is an Estonian song festival, where you can hear many songs. Estonia also has a lot of historical buildings such as forts. Visit the castles in Rakvere, Kuressaare and Narva to get the ultimate experience. 

  • Because Estonia is part of the EU, there is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0%.
  • The Estonian currency is the Euro.