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Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that has not changed its name since it was first established. This was in the year 681. Nessebar, also known as the capital city of Bulgaria is an ancient city. The Bulgarians have popular winter sport areas such as Smolyan, Chepelare and Dobrinishte. Besides that, the country consists of 102 officially declared spa sources, mud baths and climate resorts highly welcomed by the inhabitants. 

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With more than over 30 sorts of grape variety, Bulgaria is called one of the famous wine countries in Europe. The wines differ in North-Bulgaria and South-Bulgaria where they especially make a lot of lovely red wines and an amount of good white wines. Wine pioneers make unique wines in Bulgaria. Other well-known drinks are yogurt drinks, Turkish coffee and tea and thick cereal drinks. 

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Besides the multiple spa sources, mud baths and climate resorts, there are various sights you can visit in Bulgaria. The country has 160 monasteries and over 330 museums and galleries. A typical Bulgarian thing to do is to nod yes, when they actually mean no and the other way around. It started as self-protection during the Ottoman domination against the controllers who wanted the citizenry to convert to Islam. Another typical Bulgarian thing is that they not only celebrate their birthday, but also their name day. It is a celebration with lots of food, drinks and music.

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