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The origin story

Back in 2019, when Rob, Karel and Michiel were looking for a sustainable sourcing partner in the EU for their clothing brand, they faced a complicated task: Finding a trustworthy local manufacturer online. This proved to be a lot harder than they initially thought. Even though they knew there had to be loads of them, their search proved to be unsuccessful. Manufacturing companies were often family owned businesses, and did not have any website or contact information online. Most European manufacturers, it turned out, were still reliant on trade shows and agents to get in contact with brands like theirs.

It was then they saw a possibility within a problem; creating a digital marketplace where sustainable brands and manufacturers from the EU can connect and start sourcing together. And so, Manufy was born. Knowing a platform of this magnitude would take a lot of work, the three quickly expanded their team with experienced software developers, industry professionals, and their former neighbour and expert on scaling businesses: Rene van Doren. Together, the team has been working for the last 18 months to create a fully operational platform that hosts over 17.000 manufacturers and more than 2000 brands, with more joining every day.

Manufy - How it works
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Manufy - How it works

Industry Landscape

Second most polluting industry

Right now the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and nearly 20% of the world’s water waste, making it the second most polluting industry on the planet. It’s not just the production process that is polluting: inefficient and globe crossing transportation also adds up to the devastating mix. Did you know that a regular t-shirt travels through 5 countries before landing in your hands?

The coronavirus changed everything

The covid-19 pandemic has given new value to digital sourcing. With cancelled exhibition fairs, manufacturers are having a difficult time being visible for new clients. At the same time, brands still need their production runs, but don’t know where to start their search for new manufacturers. With rising demand for sustainable products, finding manufacturers that work according to these standards can prove to be a challenge.As an opportunity for both ends, (sustainable) sourcing in the digital space is on the rise. According to the yearly report from Mckinsey, The State of Fashion 2020 Coronavirus update, social distancing has highlighted the importance of digital channels more than ever and lockdowns have elevated digital as an urgent priority across the entire value chain.

Manufy's purpose

Misia Manufy

Manufy aims to connect EU buyers, manufacturers and freelancers in an efficient, transparent and - most importantly - sustainable way. By doing this we hope to strengthen the European economy, create more support for local sourcing, provide in quality over quantity, help manufacturers to become more conscious about sustainability and help businesses of all sizes grow while reducing their ecological footprint.

Our vision

Sustainability is at the heart of Manufy. We envision a platform where conscious buyers, certified manufacturers and future-proof freelancers come together to work on projects that change the world for the better. We work together with the finest partners to reach our goals and would be happy to have you on board as well.

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Team Member - Rob desať Hoove
Rob desať Hoove

Výkonný riaditeľ (zakladateľ)

Team Member - Rene van Doren
Rene van Doren

Financie a technológie (zakladateľ)

Team Member - Karel Bosman
Karel Bosman

Marketing (zakladateľ)

Team Member - Michiel Dicker
Michiel Dicker

Predaj a PR (zakladateľ)

Team Member - Arno van Oordt
Arno van Oordt

Backendový vývojár

Team Member - Krasimir Stoyanov
Krasimir Stoyanov

Vedúci dizajnér UX

Team Member - Tobias Schlichter
Tobias Schlichter

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Team Member - Max van der Werf
Max van der Werf

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Team Member - Nut Knabben
Nut Knabben

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Team Member - Eveline Dicker
Eveline Dicker

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Team Member - Wietske Vierenhalm
Wietske Vierenhalm

Manufy manažér úspechu

Team Member - Melisa Monti
Melisa Monti

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