5 põletavat küsimust meie uuele jätkusuutlikkuse ametnikule

Blog 5 põletavat küsimust meie uuele jätkusuutlikkuse ametnikule

As you know, sustainability lives in the core of Manufy. We want to be a catalyst for the fashion industry, offering tools for a more efficient and convenient use of resources by sourcing locally. We gather the data for you and you enjoy the benefits of this, but this is just the start of a brand new era, and with this we want to contribute our part to being a force for positive change.

Therefore we are proud to introduce you to the newest addition to our team, Ruben, Manufy’s Sustainability Officer! Want to learn more about him and what he will do at Manufy? Keep on reading!


Better Magazine: What are you most excited about working within Manufy? 

Ruben: I’m Really looking forward to helping manufacturers and brands give them a clearer path towards their sustainability goals, and showing them that with even little effort they are able to make a big long term impact.


BM: How did sustainability become a part of your life?

R: I went to a school called UWC, where I was taught about all the implications and consequences of the world economy, and heard local stories from students from all over the world. This triggered me to become more aware of my actions and act more responsibly. And so it has become my ambition to revolutionize the fashion industry to become more sustainable.


BM: What is your vision on the actual fashion industry? 

R: With more transparency, a lot of inefficiencies and unsustainable practises will be highlighted and can be fixed. The end goal is to close the circular loop in the textile industry, creating higher quality clothes and re-using these resources many times.

BM: What is a must follow fashion brand? 

R: Mud jeans & Ecoalf

BM: What core message would you want to share with the Manufy community? 

R: Ask your favorite brands where and how your clothes are made! And try to be critical of your own purchases.

Do you have any questions for Ruben? He would love to hear from you! Send us an email to melisa@manufy.com and let's open the conversation within the Fashion Industry.

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