By producing an order of t-shirts locally you can save 7,5 tons of CO2. That’s equivalent to 15 return plane trips from Amsterdam to Rome.*

Manufy’s Nearshoring Rapport

That the Fashion Industry has caused immense damage to our world is not secret. But today we are here to tell you that there is hope.

Local sourcing is a great way for brands to reduce their ecological footprint and start being more mindful of what and how they produce (read more about why it is so awesome in our article). Creating clothes locally is not a luxury anymore for brands, as we created Manufy, a platform that facilitates the production of European-made clothes, by connecting brands with local manufacturers.

But our efforts to improve the fashion industry are not enough… we need you!

Let your favourite brands know that local sourcing is the way to go. How? Reach out to them by DM, tagging them in your posts, send them an email, call them, whatever you think might work to send out the message that they should start producing their clothes locally through this awesome platform called Manufy!

So why would you do that? We know you are a warrior that is actively helping the world to be a little better everyday, so we want to give you €1000 in store credit spendable at the brand you reach out to as a big thank you! Together we make the industry a better place.

We hereby kick off the Nearshoring Initiative hoping that more brands will start producing their clothes closer to home and thereby reducing fashion’s ecological footprint. Are you with us?

How do I participate?

Reach out to brands you’d like to see source their products locally. In your message you can tell a brand that finding a great manufacturer within Europe is easy, effective and free by using Manufy. You can persuade them in the most original ways: using DM’s, Customer Service emails, handwritten letters, a sh*tload of phone calls or whatever you think is best. Just remember to create some evidence of your attempt (screenshot or save the image) and attach it in the submission form below.

Why participate in Manufy’s Nearshoring Initiative?

  1. You would like to help reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry.
  2. You believe in the power of supporting local businesses and local production.
  3. The first one who convinces a brand to start nearshoring and use our platform will be offered a €1000 voucher spendable at the brand you reach out to. A nice christmas gift for yourself right?
  4. All other submissions that successfully convince a brand to start using Manufy (minimum order value of €1000,- but that’s peanuts for most brands) will be receiving €100 in store credit spendable at the brands you convinced.

Rules of the game?

  1. Only friendly attempts are eligible for the win so no standing in front of people’s houses, bomb threats or wedgies.
  2. The Fashion brands that you contact must be located within Europe.
  3. You need to create a record of the time of submitting the evidence so we can determine who persuaded the brand first.
  4. Nudging a brand which is already nearshoring via our platform will not result in a win. 

Only the first person to convince a brand and successfully make them part of Manufy gets a €1000 in store credit spendable at the brand you persuaded.

Let’s act together for a more local Fashion Industry!