Why sustainability matters

The fashion industry is well known for its glitz and glamour, but the truth behind it is not so fabulous. The garment sector is the second-largest polluting industry in the world and is responsible for creating 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and producing nearly 20% of the world’s water waste.

The customer is becoming more aware of the dirt behind the industry, and sustainability has become a must when deciding what to consume. We want to make the way towards sustainability easier for fashion brands and therefore created Manufy. As a brand it can become quite a difficult task to get a grasp of a good and trusting manufacturer. We believe that this needs to change.

Sustainability however is a word with many perspectives. As a “sustainable” production platform, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and planet. For us, sustainable corporate governance means doing our utmost best to create a better solution, but it goes much further.

We put sustainable pioneers in the industry in the spotlights, promote sustainable product lines and match conscious brands with sustainable manufacturers. Our aim is to create journey profiles based on sustainability performance, philosophy of the companies and eventually to create a system build on transparency, trust and traceability.

I want to make a change

Sustainability Perks

Lower CO2 emissions
Support local business
Transparent production
Create quality garments

Sustainable Certificates

Manufy is the first production platform that aims to be the better option for production close to home. By connecting product designers, buyers and brands to the right garment manufacturers, we try to shift the fashion game to more local and sustainable practices. Certifications help to ensure the sustainability efforts of manufacturers and be transparent towards brands.


  • OEKO-TEX (Social & Environmental)

  • BSCI (Social)

  • OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety)

  • Fairwear (Social)

  • ICS (Social)

  • ISO 1400 (Environmental)

  • Textile Exchange (Environmental)

  • BLUESIGN (Environmental)

  • SA8000 (Social)

  • Sedex (Social)

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)

  • ISO 50001 (Energy)

77% of people would like fashion brands to tell them where
the materials used in their products come from
– Fashion Revolution Consumer Survey Report, 2019

EU VIA-grant

We have received a VIA-grant to develop our platform Manufy, to be the solution to connect apparel brands and apparel manufacturers within the European Union. We are a user-friendly sustainable sourcing platform for all apparel companies within the EU, granting easy access to communicate with each other in all European languages. Besides that, we have an advanced dashboard with database to capture a wide range of sustainability indicators from each manufacturer. We are also introducing blockchain technology to register the amount of carbon emissions that have been compensated per piece of clothing.

Industry Vision

Our vision is to provide the industry with fair fashion products where brands and manufacturers collaborate to produce long lasting and minimal impact garments. In 2030 we aim to close the loop and become the first platform that offer circulair solutions. Our mission is to value sustainability between brands and manufacturers to create a more fresh and honest life cycle.

We harness the power of collaboration. We belief in the principles that fashion is not only for big players on the market. Every brand or supplier has a voice. Together, we have to compete with quality, deliver times and sustainability. Let’s break the generation gap, stop pointing fingers to other stakeholders in the chain, and make a change.

“Good design is sustainable design”

– Imran Amed (founder of The Business of Fashion)

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Manufy aims to connect European buyers, manufacturers and freelancers in an efficient, transparent and – most importantly – sustainable way. By doing this we hope to strengthen the European economy, create more support for local sourcing, provide in quality over quantity and help businesses of all sizes grow. Join Manufy today and be part of creating a sustainable future!

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