How nearshoring can help you and the planet

Manufacturing clothes can have severe consequences on the environment. As most textile supply chains are spread across continents and fragmented it is difficult to identify where the the damage is being done. One of the easiest and most effective solutions to shorten these supply chains and reduce the environmental footprint of textiles is producing closer to home, also known as nearshoring.

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How does nearshoring work?

Manufy is a platform that facilitates nearshoring in Europe, which means that as a brand you will connect to a manufacturer in Europe instead of Asia for example. The shorter distance that the products need to travel is obviously better to reduce emissions, however there are several less obvious consequences that make it more beneficial to produce close to home.


What is the impact of nearshoring?

It does not stop there, we want to compensate all your emissions!

Once you have established the terms of your textile production, some emissions will be inevitable to prevent for the time being. As a platform we want also take responsibility for our part in the value chain. Therefore we will to the best of our ability calculate the carbon emissions related to the orders going through our platform and compensate these through our partner organisation regreener.

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