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1955 s.r.l.

Italian eyewear factory

  • Location Strada comunale della mattina 30, Tito Z.I.
    85050 TITO

1955 is an eyewear factory that produces glasses with its own brands and for third parties.

Our designers develop the style following the Italian design and ergonomics and the production takes care of the entire process, 100% handmade in Italy, ensuring maximum discretion.

Our business activity is based on our philosophy / mission and on the values ​​that inspire our work.

"Working with passion" we take care of every phase of the production process: from design to prototyping; from the selection and testing of raw materials to the cutting of the acetate sheet; from setting the frame to finishing; from packaging to delivery.

An artisan approach, supported by 3D and laser printers, 100% made in Italy and strongly oriented towards quality and refinement.

We have two production lines and we can produce up to 150 frames per day.

As far as production capacity is concerned, we have a greater capacity, which we will activate as we train people.

Ours is a craftsmanship projected to the research that we consider, together with technology, strategic to guarantee a high value for our products.

For example, in collaboration with a multinational company based in the United States active in the automotive and aeronautical sector, we have recorded a new material deriving from the combination of innovative technology with two existing materials already used in the eyewear sector.

We are also conducting research on new materials, 100% bio and recycled plastic to replace acetate. Once the test phase is over, we will launch the products on the market.

1955 also produces "made to measure" glasses, 1 single piece on customer request.

Occhialeria Artigiana and PRIMUS are the eyewear brands of 1955.


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