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11 most transparent brands in Europe

By |Novembre 9th, 2022|

In our last article we talk about transparency in the fashion industry and why it is so important and beneficial for a fashion brand to incorporate transparency into its practices. Today we want to introduce you to 11 brands [...]

6 tips to achieve Transparency in your fashion brand

By |Ottobre 25th, 2022|

Words like ethical and sustainable have become buzzwords in the fashion industry lately, but sadly this has also brought a lot of greenwashing from fashion brands around such important topics in order to gain more visibility. What is helping [...]

These are the top 5 countries to produce clothing in Europe

By |Settembre 14th, 2022|

If you are a fashion brand based in Europe and want to have a sustainable approach to your production process, then producing in Europe is the best solution. To understand why this is the best option you must first [...]

Boost your business with this circular practice

By |Agosto 24th, 2022|

For decades, we have approached the world of fashion with the philosophy of buy-use and (after a short period of time) throw-away. The products are less expensive but also last much less. The quality of the products and their durability [...]

How nearshoring can boost your business | Manufy’s Impact Rapport

By |Agosto 3rd, 2022|

At first, when setting up your fashion brand you might not think of the direct environmental and social impact it might create, but considering these factors can benefit your brand in numerous ways. The production of clothing can have [...]

Fashion Talks: Why is textile re-using beneficial for your brand?

By |Luglio 27th, 2022|

We’re back with another exciting episode of Fashion Talk! This interview is all about why textile re-using is so important and beneficial for your brand, and Gonzalo co-founder of Recovo will tell us all about it by introducing us [...]

5 materials you can use to make your designs more sustainable

By |Luglio 15th, 2022|

In our previous article, we analyzed why it is necessary to begin using more alternative materials in the production of fashion, and why this can also be beneficial to your fashion business (if you haven't read the article yet, [...]

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