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Project Name

Give a name to your project, so you can easily find it back later.
Are multiple categories applicable? Then select the best option.

{{ rfqFormData.projectName }} - Project Details

Add more information to your project to identify the most sustainable manufacturers.

Define the estimated total value of the order to give the manufacturer an idea of the project size.
Define for what kind of product the request is for.
Define countries you would like to source from.
Select the preferred certificates of the manufacturer (multiple possible).
Define the number of quotations you'll receive from the manufacturers. Minimum amount is 3.

{{ rfqFormData.projectName }} - Product

{{ (rfqFormData.currencySlug == 'eur') ? '€' : rfqFormData.currencySlug }}
Price per unit you are willing to pay
Estimated delivery date
Terms of delivery
Enter requirements and measures, such as material composition, size chart, style detail, packaging options and colors to obtain an average pricing. {{ (rfqFormData.projectDescription) ? rfqFormData.projectDescription.length : 0 }}/2000
E.g. technical drawings, size specs, CAD designs. (Download example)

{{ fileName }}

Drop your files here, or browse Supports: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), odt, ods, odp. Max. 50.

{{ rfqFormData.projectName }} - Review Quotation

Summary Of Quotation

Estimated Project Value

{{ projectSizesById[rfqFormData.projectSizeSlug].label }}

Order Type

{{ manufacturerCapacitiesById[rfqFormData.manufacturerCapacitySlug].label }}

Sourcing Countries
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Preferred Certificates
{{ certificatesById[id].label }}
Project Stage

{{ projectStagesById[rfqFormData.projectStageSlug].label }}

Max. number of quotations to be received

{{ rfqFormData.maxBids }}

Product Title

{{ rfqFormData.productName }}

Product Specification

{{ rfqFormData.projectDescription }}

Delivery Date

{{ rfqFormData.deliveryDate }}


{{ deliveryTermsById[rfqFormData.deliveryTermSlug].label }}


{{ rfqFormData.productQuantity }}


{{ unitsById[rfqFormData.productUnitTypeSlug].label }}

Target Price (Per Unit)

{{ (rfqFormData.currencySlug == 'eur') ? '€' : rfqFormData.currencySlug }} {{ rfqFormData.productTargetPrice }}

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