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Right now, finding the right European manufacturer to produce your perfect product can be quite a difficult task. Roaming the internet, trade shows, or social media might have been the way to go.

These options, however, can be very time consuming, expensive and could even lead you to the wrong manufacturer.

That is why we’d like to introduce you to Manufy: EU’s first sustainable sourcing platform!

What is Manufy? Manufy is an online marketplace that connects buyers like you to the best suited European manufacturers. Manufy helps you find the right sustainable manufacturer within the EU. Manufy’s registered manufacturers must have shown valid sustainability certificates of their respective branches to enter our database. This way, you have the guarantee that your new manufacturer produces in a sustainable way. The best part is that you can join our free trial now!

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Fair and Simple Pricing

Our manufacturers are ready for your sustainable project. Start working with organic materials/recycled materials and find your manufacturer close to home . We want to change the fashion industry one production job at a time, hence, the more jobs the better. Therefore we only charge a small monthly fee for brands, with a free trial period for seven days.


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What makes Manufy great for you as a buyer is that you can request quotations from all manufacturers on the platform. This will make it easier for you to find sustainable materials across Europe. Manufacturers that suit your request will be notified by our systems. This makes comparing different producers, prices, MOQs and lead times simple and efficient. The best part? You can try it 1 week for free!

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Manufy aims to connect European buyers, manufacturers and freelancers in an efficient, transparent and – most importantly – sustainable way. By doing this we hope to strengthen the European economy, create more support for local sourcing, provide in quality over quantity and help businesses of all sizes grow. Join Manufy today and be part of creating a sustainable future!

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