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Manufy is the first sustainable sourcing platform in the EU and together we stand for a more sustainable future. We want to create an environment where you can source easily, become visible for others and increase your leads at the same time. Our mission is to help the European economy grow in a sustainable way. Our unique marketplace software will be the bridge between European manufacturers, buyers and other sourcing parties.

Finding the right manufacturer can be a difficult task. Manufy can help you find your perfect match, filter on certificates, receive a quotation, request samples and start production. All on one easy-to-use platform, while promoting sustainable sourcing and reducing our carbon footprint along the way.

A buyer is any company that wants to produce products, market them and sell them for a profit. We help buyers find the right sourcing partner.

A manufacturer is any supplier, producer or service company that can produce products or services that add to the value of the supply chain. All manufacturers on Manufy are based in the EU.

Certificates on Manufy safeguard European standards for production. Manufy distinguishes three categories: Environmental quality, Social equity and Economic prosperity. All certificates are carefully vetted before placed on the platform.

How to get started

You don’t need an account to browse through Manufy, search for products, find manufacturers or certificates. To connect with a manufacturer, get a quote or build your own profile page, you have to register. Just visit our homepage or click here.

Visit Manufy’s homepage or click here.

You can start your project in multiple ways. Search the product you want produced, find a suitable manufacturer based on location, price, MOQ or through one of our many listed certificates.

You can get a quote via the menu on our homepage or by clicking here.

Pricing & Billing

It is free for buyers and manufacturers to create an account. As a brand you are able to connect with manufacturers, request quotes and build your own dashboard for free. As a manufacturer, using your account is free, but you will need to buy credits in order to react and bid on general quotations.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription. If we already billed you, your subscription will end the following month.