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Sustainability Internship

Manufy is the sustainable sourcing platform for Europe with offices in Groningen and Amsterdam. We’ve recently launched the first version of our platform so exciting times ahead and lots to do!
We believe in a no-nonsense approach and a work culture based on trust. Would you like to work in a fully transparent and highly energetic young company with professional enthusiasts that want to actively work on a more sustainable future? Manufy is the place for you!

Developer Internship in Groningen

Manufy is a new initiative by Pockies and aims to become the sustainable sourcing platform in Europe. We are now looking for an internship or graduation internship, where you work as a developer in our new office at 5 Sylviuslaan in Groningen. Experience with Laravel is a plus.
We believe in a no-nonsense approach and a work culture based on trust. Do you want to work in a fully transparent and highly energetic company with professional enthusiasts who want to actively work towards a more sustainable future? Then Manufy is the place for you!

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Manufy - How it works


Manufy sigter mod at forbinde europæiske købere, producenter og freelancere på en effektiv, gennemsigtig og - vigtigst af alt - bæredygtig måde. Ved at gøre dette håber vi at styrke den europæiske økonomi, skabe mere støtte til lokal sourcing, levere kvalitet frem for kvantitet og hjælpe virksomheder i alle størrelser med at vokse. Deltag i Manufy i dag, og vær en del af at skabe en bæredygtig fremtid!

Become part of our team!

Team Member - Rob ten Hoove
Rob ten Hoove

Administrerende direktør (grundlægger)

Team Member - Rene van Doren
Rene van Doren

Finance & Tech (grundlægger)

Team Member - Karel Bosman
Karel Bosman

Marketing (grundlægger)

Team Member - Michiel Dicker
Michiel Dicker

Salg og PR (grundlægger)

Team Member - Arno van Oordt
Arno van Oordt


Team Member - Krasimir Stoyanov
Krasimir Stoyanov

Lead UX designer

Team Member - Tobias Schlichter
Tobias Schlichter


Team Member - Max van der Werf
Max van der Werf


Team Member - Nout nibbling
Nout nibbling

Produktejer (midlertidig)

Team Member - Eveline Dicker
Eveline Dicker

Produktejer (barselsorlov)

Team Member - Wietske Vierenhalm
Wietske Vierenhalm

Manufy succes manager

Team Member - Melisa Monti
Melisa Monti

Skaber af kommunikation og indhold