Apparel Manufacturing in Slovakia

Today, the apparel sector is an important part of the Slovakian industry, combining technological knowledge with a skilled labor force and high-quality raw materials. The expertise of Slovakians in apparel manufacturing has led to the creation of high value-added clothing products such as baby wear, traditional attire, and designer clothing.

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Competitive Export

Slovakia is fairly competitive when it comes to clothing exports. In 2019, the value of clothing exported from Slovakia amounted to $700.54 million U.S. dollars. Around 5, 800 people are employed in more than 500 Slovakian clothing manufacturing companies. Most of these companies are small and medium in size.

Slovakia’s capital—Bratislava is known for having many designer clothing brands including Renata Bartolomei, Veronika Gall, and Lydia Eckehardt. Also, Bratislava has the highest number of apparel manufacturing companies, followed by Presov, Trencin, Zilina, and Nitra. Other cities such as Pezinok, Trnava, Nove Zamky, and Banska Bystrica have a considerable number of apparel manufacturers. The bulk of the clothing produced in Slovakia is manufactured in these cities.


Apparel manufacturers in Slovakia specialize in producing a wide range of clothing including denim clothing, sweaters, jackets, suits, plus size clothing, bridal clothes, dresses, and many more.

Why is Slovakia a good country for apparel manufacturing?

Slovakia provides an enabling investment environment with its strategic location at the center of Europe. As a fully integrated EU member, investors can access a larger market of more than 500 million EU citizens.

Slovakia also offers skilled labor force with medium level salaries. This is one of the reasons some European countries choose to produce their clothing in Slovakia. Clothing manufacturers can rely on investment incentives offered by the Slovakian government as well as its economic stability and political stability. Furthermore, its infrastructure network is rapidly modernizing and clothing manufacturers can expect to operate without any problems.

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