Apparel Manufacturing in Portugal

Making in Portugal has clear advantages facing Turkey and Asia. In Portugal clients can expect a high level of service and trustworthiness besides just a high quality product. If a customer plays by the right rules it’s possible to successfully build an amazing partnership with high production efficiency with a Portuguese manufacturer, even to a brand who is starting with low quantities for first seasons.

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Our premium partner ASBX fashion

At ASBX, if a project proves interesting, we go all in with the client and really invest our time and knowledge to help them build a next generation supply chain. The textile & garment industry, at least in Portugal, is suffering a substantial change in the last few years. We are seeing lots of new and emerging startups reaching out every day and the old high volume clients fading more and more often. So we believe that the following years will be crucial for the industry in general to focus more than ever on quality of service and medium to high price point garment solutions for new brands, as these customers will define the industry of the next decade.


There are many renowned clothing manufacturers in Lisbon that specialize in producing a wide range of clothing products including designer clothing, men’s wear, women’s wear, official wear, nightwear, sportswear, casual wear, children’s wear, babies’ garments, and many more. You can find nearly all types of clothing in Lisbon and that’s why the city is considered ‘Portugal’s next fashion capital of the world’.

The cities of Porto, Braga, and Guimaraes are manufacturing hubs for clothing in Portugal. Porto has around 40 clothing manufacturers, Braga has around 15 of them, and Guimaraes has around 10 apparel manufacturers.

Perfect Destination

Portugal is a perfect destination for apparel manufacturing especially for companies committed to sustainable clothing production. Besides, Portugal has skilled workers working with modern sewing technologies for medium-level salaries compared to other European countries. The Portuguese government has launched many programs intended to support the apparel manufacturing industry and encourage foreign fashion brands to invest in Portugal. Renowned brands such as H&M, Zara, and GAP manufacture their clothes in Portugal because of the many government incentives.

The finest manufacturers in the EU

We’ve selected the best European manufacturers to get your job done. Harness their power by requesting a quotation and receiving their offers. Your sustainable clothing production starts now!

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