Specialized and Diversified

The Lithuanian clothing sector is one of the most specialized and diversified manufacturing industries within the EU. Today, the country is among the biggest clothing exporters in Europe. In 2019, Lithuania exported clothing worth $731 million U.S. dollars to other countries. The clothing sector accounts for about 0.8% of Lithuania’s GDP.

Lithuania clothing manufacturers produce a wide range of clothing products and accessories including designer clothing, men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, babies’ garments, workwear, uniforms, wedding gowns, and much more. Much of the production takes place in Lithuania’s major cities such as Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai, Palanga, Klaipeda, Trakai, and Kernave.

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Technique Improvements

Clothing manufacturers in Lithuania have improved their production techniques over the years to enhance efficiency and make their clothing products more competitive. Most of them use modern machinery and high-tech solutions such as computer-aided design. They’ve also incorporate automated sewing technologies into their production techniques to save time, reduce fabric wastage, and deliver high-quality clothing products.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Lithuania is a cost-effective clothing manufacturing country with European standards in garment production. Also, manufacturers can benefit from low labor costs, modernization, industry focus on specialization, and increasing value addition. Since Lithuania is a member of the European Union, manufacturers can enjoy many other benefits including a larger export market; free movement of capital, services, goods, and labor; and a growing internal market.

Opening Production Lines in Lithuania

For clothing manufacturers considering opening production lines in Lithuania, it’s a good idea to do extensive research and understand the market for which they want to venture into. It’s important to find a clothing manufacturer who can deliver high-quality services at the best price. Also, keep in mind that sustainability in clothing production is a major trend in Lithuania.

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