Clothing manufacturing in Ireland

Ireland is famous for many things including musical culture, castles, racing, and clothing production. Ireland’s clothing manufacturing sector amounts to 92 million Euros in terms of market size. The country is also a major exporter of clothing products to other countries. The sector employs approximately 4,000 people.

Some of the clothing products that are mostly produced in Ireland include sweaters, t-shirts, suits, undergarments, shirts & blouses, activewear, babies’ garments, pantyhose tights, stockings, socks, overcoats, sweatshirts, and clothing accessories.

There are around 400 clothing manufacturing companies in Ireland with 13 of them being multinational companies.

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Dublin has the highest number of clothing manufacturing companies, followed by Cork which has around 7 companies. Donegal and Belfast also have a substantial number of apparel manufacturing companies. Nearly every region in Ireland has at least one clothing manufacturing company. The companies produce all kinds of apparel from designer clothing and uniforms to daily wear and official wear.

Manufacturing Techniques

Most apparel manufacturing companies in Ireland use the cut-and-sew technique whereby they print designs on clothing fabrics and then assemble them into garments. Expert craftsmen stitch the fabrics together before things like buttons and zips are added. The manufacturers use the newest digital printing technology to produce high-definition prints. The cut-and-sew technique produces high-quality clothing as compared to mass production.

Economic Downturn

Despite the economic downturn Ireland is facing, the country still offers many opportunities for clothing manufacturing companies. Ireland is technologically advanced in terms of clothing production which means manufacturers have access to high-tech solutions.

Besides, Irish people spend a substantial amount of money on clothing every year. As of 2019, spending on clothing in Ireland amounted to 3.27 billion Euros. This means there’s a considerable market for all kinds of clothing products in Ireland. Coupled with the fact that Ireland’s population is at record levels, it’s easy to see why the country is a great destination for manufacturing clothing.

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