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When you want to bring a souvenir from Turkey to your home country, get the lucky
eyes, also called nazar. Many tourists take this home as a souvenir. You can find these eyes
a lot in the entrances of shops. A lot of Turkish people use them because they say the eyes
would make evil disappear. Politeness lies at the heart of the Turkish culture. Everywhere
you go, you will be warmly welcomed, and it is not strange to suddenly walk into your friends
or family’s house to drink tea with them.


Turkey has several famous dishes. The kitchen mainly includes dishes with
Mediterranean flavors. As Dutch people, we eat three relatively big meals a day, but in
Turkey, you only eat if you feel like eating. Once you eat, everything is on the table at the
same time. They don’t start with a starter and end with dessert, etc. So the course menu we
have in the Netherlands is not recognized. Well-known dishes from Turkey are baklava,
kebab, Turkish fruit and Turkish bread. Baklava is a kind of pastry and is mainly eaten as a
dessert in Turkey. The outside is crispy from puff pastry and the inside is often a mix of nuts,
cinnamon, vanilla sugar and syrup.

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The common language in Turkey is Turkish, but many people speak Kurdish and
Arabic, due to the diverse inhabitants of the country. The majority is religious and Muslim.
The Turkish culture is driven by tourism. Many people go on holidays in Turkey, because it is
a holiday-friendly country, with beautiful waters and beaches and it is also affordable.

● The VAT percentage is 0% and importing and exporting to Turkey is free.
● Import duties must be considered when exporting goods. This varies per product.
● The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. 1 Turkish Lira is equal to 0.16 Euro.

Famous business people

Hüsnü Özyeğin, Kenan Sahin

Historical famous business people

Şarık Tara