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Switzerland has not a very typical culture. However, they still have a "traditional"
culture. Since Switzerland is surrounded by mountains, a lot of work is found there.
Switzerland is also known for its rich, cold winters, which are fully enjoyed by winter sports
enthusiasts. Because of these winters, the Swiss people are very talented for skiing and
snowboarding. Ever heard of ‘’Swinging"? Swinging is a popular tradition in Switzerland. It is
a kind of wrestling, where the two participants are surrounded by a sawdust ring. Whoever
throws the other person with two shoulders on the sawdust first, wins.


There is not a typical Swiss cuisine, mainly because there are many surrounding
countries such as Germany and Austria. This results in different types of dishes. You have
certain dishes in Switzerland that are eaten more per region. Looking at the national level,
Switzerland is known for its chocolate, fondue and rösti. Rösti looks a bit like a bouncer, but it
includes potatoes. Rösti is often mixed with meat such as ham.


Switzerland has many festivals from the pagan descent. The holidays are mostly
celebrated during the winter months, because the farmers have less work due to the amount
of snow. For example, on December 5th there is "Klausjagen". This festival is all about
hunting the wild spirits. Thousands of visitors are at the festival every year.

● Goods that go to Switzerland must first be cleared through customs.
● You also need certain documents for importing and exporting. Second, you must
declare your goods at customs.
● The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss franc. 1 Swiss franc is 0.92 Euro.

Famous business people

Thomas Straumann, Karl Scheufele, Jean Claude Gandur,
Peter Spuhler, Edgar de Picciotto, Michael Pieper, Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, Thomas

Historical famous business people

Louis Chevrolet, Johan Gamper (FC Barcelona),
Nicolas Hayek (watch brand Swatch), Julius Maggi, Henri Dunant (founder red cross)