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The overall picture that people have about Sweden is there are many blonde-haired
people living in Sweden and that they wear a lot of black clothes. That's right; there are a lot
of handsome, blond people living in Sweden. If you know some Swedish people, then you
would know that Sweden is a country where the word "stress" hardly exists. Almost
everything in Sweden is about maintaining a relaxing atmosphere. For example, they have
the "Fika". This is an extensive coffee break at work, which is held twice a day. The Swedish
people are convinced that the fika will restore inner peace. This fika often happens outside
the door. Around the time the fika is held, all the cafes in the city are crowded.

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Sweden has a couple of special dishes. Many dishes are combined with meat or fish.
A well-known snack in Sweden is the Swedish balls (Svenska köttbullar). Many people
outside Sweden know how these balls taste, because of IKEA. It is often eaten combined
with mashed potatoes. "Surströmming" is loved and hated in Sweden, since it is known for its
heinous smell. It is a type of herring packaged in a can. Finally, when you order coffee in
Sweden, you usually drink this with a pastry alongside. For example, you have the
"cinnamon buns". These are soft buns with cinnamon inside. They are delicious!

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The Swedish culture is part of the Scandinavian cultures. In Sweden, there are a
few large, well-known holidays. For instance, Sweden has the "Midsummerfest". During this
midsummer festival, the Swedish people are celebrating the beginning of summer. This is the
second most important holiday in Sweden and almost everyone is free on the evening of the
midsummer festival.

● Free import and export from and to Sweden, because Sweden is part of the
● The VAT percentage for goods is 0%.
● The currency in Sweden is the Swedish krona. 1 Swedish krona is 0.093

Famous business people

Jon Olsson

Historical famous business people

Ingvar Kamprad (ikea), Jan Stenbeck (oa tele2)