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Spain is a popular country among Europeans. The big cities of Spain belong to the favorite city trip destinations in Europe. The capital city Madrid and Barcelona are already in the top for years and since two years cities like Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga and Bilbao are joining the list of best-visited cities in Europe. The flight prices are extremely economical.

There consists nothing like one kind of Spain. Both in living circumstances, daily routine and their way of living and working, you see differences scattered across the country. The variations in nature and climate contribute to this statement. Spain clearly has its own face and culture. Spain is very European and mondial and willing to make concessions towards visitors of the country. This attitude of mind gives visitors of other European countries a warm welcome into Spain. 


An important influence on Spanish culture is the food and drinks. They play a major role in the country. Tapas, Paella, Churros and sangria are indispensable. Typical Spanish tapas are Calamaris, Chorizo, Olivas con Ajo y Guindillas, Gambas al Ajilo and Champiños al Ajilo. In Spain, lunch and dinner are later in the day. Lunch is often between 14:00 and 16:00 and dinner around 22:00. The Spanish spend a lot of time preparing their meals. Spanish food is usually pretty defined and varied. A famous and moreover delicious Spanish drink is Sangria. It consists of red wine and multiple fruits. 

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Multiple villages and cities are unique in their own way. You can discover various cultures and a lot of famous sights in Spain. A famous sight is the Dali Museum and you can see the artworks of Salvador Dalií in Figueres. Another sight is Camp Nou. It is the stadium of FC Barcelona and represents the sports culture in Spain. The famous coast area called the Costa Brava and party island Ibiza make tourists also love Spain. Across the country, the dance culture has a long history. Dancing has always been a form of communication and personal expression. One of the traditional dances from Spain is Flamenco. It is a dance full passion, originally it was a dance for gypsies only, but meanwhile, it is a popular dance worldwide.

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