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A fun fact about Slovenia, is that they are obsessed with bees. Actually, around
90.000 people in Slovenia keep bees. Slovenia has a lot of Carniolan bees. These bees are
calm and non-aggressive, so easy to keep. Slovenian people are kind and they don’t like to
squabble. Slovenia actually gains the 7th place in the world of being a peaceful country.
When you want to visit Slovenia during the winter period, it is a must for your wallet. We all
know that going on a ski holiday can be expensive, but Slovenia has the cheapest place in
Europe for a ski holiday, namely Kranjska Gora.


The Slovenian cuisine has a lot of typical Slovenian dishes to offer. Some are
influenced by bordering countries, like Italy and Austria. A few typical Slovenian dishes are
Kranjska Klobasa, Potica, Kraški Pršut and Štruklji. Kranjska Klobasa, also called the
Carniolan sausage, is a typical sausage that represents Slovenia. The sausage is smoked
and consists of beef, pork and bacon. Potica is a well-known Slovenian dessert made of
dough and filled with a filling. There are a hundred types of fillings that can be used inside
this cake, but the most common ones are walnut, poppy seeds and tarragon. Kraški Pršut,
the Karst Prosciutto, is a Slovenian prosciutto often served at parties or as a starter. A tip we
would like you to offer is when eating the prosciutto drink a glass of red Karst alongside with
it. Štruklji is a rolled-up dish made from dough and filled with a filling. There are a lot of
combinations to make, due to the variety of fillings that can be used. Some common fillings
are cottage cheese, walnuts, tarragon and apple.

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The Slovenian people are proud of their nation and culture. Due to this, a lot of
cultural events are hosted by the Slovenians. Slovenia has a lot of sightseeing to offer, for
example, you can visit castles or museums. These castles and forts were built a long time
ago, some were built during the Renaissance. The landscape of Slovenia is very
breathtaking. Slovenia has a lake called the Lake Bled and its color is cobalt-blue. We assure
you you will fall in love with this place immediately. 

● Slovenia is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. Watch out with
excise goods.
● There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
● The currency in Slovenia is the Euro.

Famous business people

Japec Jakopin, Walter Wolf, Ivo Boscarol