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Slovakia is the only country in the world with two bordering counties. These
countries, Austria and Hungary are not far away. Austria is only sixty kilometres away from
Slovakia. In Slovakia, it is also possible for a big group of the inhabitants to travel free by
train. Included in this group are, for example, children, students till the age of twenty-six and
elderly people older than 62 can travel free throughout the country.


The Slovakian cuisine has typical dishes to offer. Some dishes you will see in other
countries, due to the central location of Slovakia. A few dishes are ‘Bryndzové halušky’,
‘Kapustnica’ and ‘Slovenske palacinky’. Bryndzové halušky are dumplings with sheep
cheese. Kapustnica is an Slovenian cabbage soup usually eaten during Christmas. The soup
consists of sauerkraut, potatoes, mushrooms and ham. Slovenske palacinky is a Slovak
pancake, but it actually is a crêpe. It is a delicious thin crêpe, eaten with jam, cinnamon,
hazelnut spread or sugar.


What some people may not know when they think about Slovakia, is that Slovakia
has the most castles and chateaux of the world. Some of the popular castles are the
Bratislava castle, Bojnice castle and Orava castle. Besides that, Slovakia has a lot of caves,
namely 6000 caves and all of that in a relatively small country as Slovakia. Some of these
caves can be found in national parks, such as Slovak Paradise and Low Tatras. Summed up,
Slovakia is a perfect place for tourists due to its diverse nature. 

● Slovakia is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. 
● There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
● The currency in Slovakia is the Euro.