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Romania borders the Black Sea. The country is very diverse, due to all the cultures
and languages. Romania has earned some ‘world’ titles. For example, a highway in Romania
is called the world’s most beautiful road and the heaviest building in the world stands in
Romania. The Romanian people love to have a drink, being the fifth booziest country in the
world. They approximately consume five litres of alcohol per person.


The Romanian cuisine is something you want to seek. The dishes are internationally
influenced and therefore there is a lot of variety in the dishes. Some of the Romanian foods
are ‘Sarmale’, ‘Balmos’ and ‘Papanasi’. Sarmale is pork rolled into cabbage leaves with
sauce on top of it made of sauerkraut and tomato juice. Balmos is some sort of polenta made
of bacon, cornmeal and sheep milk cheese. Papanasi is a Romanian fried tart made of
cream and dough and preserves with cherries or blueberries.


The Romanian society is a hierarchical society. The people in Romania respect
people of age because they are viewed as wise. They also expect from the older people they
take the stand in the group when there is a decision to make. The Romanian people also
expect that you call them by their surname, unless they have told you to call them by their
first name. As to the family, the father of the family is the head of the family, like old customs.
Family is important to the Romanians.

Romania is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. Watch out with
excise goods.

● There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
● The currency in Romania is the Romanian Leu. 1 Romanian Leu is 0,21 Euro.

Famous business people

Ioan Niculae, Zoltán Teszári (Teszári Zoltán), Sorin Ovidiu Vântu

Historical famous business people

Dan Grigore Adamescu