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Poland is a country in Europe, and a part of Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea.
Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe and is actually bigger than the UK. A fun fact
about Poland is that the name ‘Poland’ originates from the sentence: ‘people living in open
fields’. Another fun fact about Poland (it was actually not that fun for the Polish inhabitants) is
that Poland disappeared from the world maps from 1722 until 1795.


The Polish cuisine has a lot to offer. Some typical things about the Poland cuisine is
that the portions are often big and with the meals they serve lots of extras. One exception, if
you want to eat extremely healthy, Poland is not the right place for you because some of the
traditional foods are calorie bombs. We tell you so you will not resist the Polish foods,
because they are extremely tasty — for example, Gołąbki. Gołąbki is a food made of dice
pork with onions and rice. Everything is mixed and wrapped up in cabbage leaves. The
Polish pancakes are a little different than the ‘normal’ pancake. There are lots of variations to
make and some of these are with quark, fruits, meat and vegetables or cheese on top of the
pancake. Another popular Polish dish is Pierogi. Pierogi are dumplings filled with savoury or
sweet fillings. Some of the typical fillings are sauerkraut, cheese, meat or potatoes.

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The landscape of Poland is very diverse. They have mountains, forests, lakes,
deserts and beaches. The desert in Poland is actually the only one central Europe has and it
is called Pustynia Błędowska. The Polish people are known for their hospitality. When visiting
Poland do not worry about not interfering with the inhabitants; we ensure you that will not

● Poland is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. Watch out with excise
● There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
● The currency in Poland is the Polish złoty. 1 Polish złoty is 0,23 Euro.
Famous business people = Mateusz Mach, Wojciech Kostrzewa, Mariusz Świtalski, Józef

Historical famous business people = Max Factor, Jan Kulczyk, Helena Rubinstein, Albert
Warner, Harry Warner, Jack Tramiel, Jan Kobylański