Country image Apparel Manufacturing in Poland

Apparel Manufacturing in Poland

Poland manufactures a wide range of clothing products including women's suits, men's suits, sweaters, designer clothing, and many more. The country offers plenty of opportunities for apparel manufacturers and that's why many fashion brands outsource apparel manufacturing to companies based in Poland.

Although Poland's major cities have never been considered major apparel manufacturing hubs like their European counterparts, companies across Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Zakopane, and Poznan have consistently produced clothing for local and foreign fashion houses. Clothing manufacturing companies in Poland produce all kinds of clothing products.

Country image Modern Methods of Production

Modern Methods of Production

With technology in Poland advancing in recent years, apparel manufacturers in Poland have embraced modern methods of clothing production to stay competitive in the international market.

Players in the industry have incorporated the use of computer-aided design to create designs, prints, patterns, and sketches more quickly and precisely. This technology allows clothing producers to create high quality designs and improve their productivity.

Country image T-Shirt Sewing Technology

T-Shirt Sewing Technology

Some apparel manufacturers in Poland use sewbots equipped with vacuum grippers and robotic arms to sew t-shirts. This technology is used to sew t-shirts without any human intervention. However, it has not been advanced to be used in making other types of clothing.

Generally, most apparel manufacturers in Poland use modern manufacturing processes and equipment to complete a range of tasks right from design to finish.

Country image Why Poland is a great country for apparel manufacturing?

Why Poland is a great country for apparel manufacturing?

Poland’s strategic location in Central Europe makes it a perfect investment destination for apparel manufacturers targeting markets in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Poland also boasts modern infrastructure including good roads, 18,510 kilometres of railway network, and reliable information and communication technology. With its quality infrastructure, apparel manufacturers can conduct their business efficiently and at a lower cost. In addition, Poland has a skilled workforce with strong work ethics.

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