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They say Norwegian people are the happiest people alive. The Norwegian country 
has many beautiful waters, mountains and great facilities. For instance, education in Norway
is free, and it is of high quality. Norway can also be described as a relatively expensive
country. It is a rich country and the majority of the inhabitants have quite a bit to spend and
that is why the Norwegian lifestyle is so expensive.


The Norwegian cuisine is very similar to Dutch cuisine. They eat three meals a day,
and they eat a lot of potatoes, meat and fish. The Norwegian kitchen nowadays is based on
old farming habits. The meals must ensure that you are as full as possible. A few Norwegian
food highlights are the famous "Rakfisk", Fårikål and "Kjøttkaker". Rakfisk is a rotten fish dish
with trout, Fårikål is a dish with sheep meat (the bone is still attached) and potatoes.
Kjøttkaker is like a meatball, but flat.

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The people in Norway are friendly, but a bit reluctant to strangers. The
Norwegians are very familiar and you can describe their lifestyle as sporty. They do a lot of
outdoor activities, because it is a winter sports country. A lot of skiing, snowboarding and ice
skating are being practiced by the inhabitants. 

● You need a EUR1 certificate if you want to export.
● The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone. 1 Norwegian Krone is equal to
0.099 Euro.

Famous business people

Johan Johansson, Johan H. Andresen, Torstein Hagen, Kjell
Inge Røkke

Historical famous business people

Thor Bjørklund (inventor cheese slicer)