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Many people think that the Netherlands is a country of cheese, weed, tulips and tall people. It is somewhat true, but not everything circles around these things. The Netherlands have so much more to provide. For example, when visiting Amsterdam you will be blown away by the beauty of the city centre. There are lots of canals and beautiful historical properties. Fun fact, the Dutch people cycle a lot and the country is actually the biggest cycle country in the world. Actually, there are more bicycles than inhabitants. Going further on the topic including the tall people, the people in Holland are very tall. They are the world’s tallest people. The average height for men is 182.53cm and 168.72cm for women. 


The Dutch cuisine is very simple and straightforward. The dishes are based on old farming habitats, which involves dishes as filling as possible. The Dutch people love their snacks, so we will include some on this list. Some typical Dutch foods are ‘Snert’, ‘Stroopwafel’, ‘Stamppot’ and ‘Oliebollen’. Snert is a soup made out of peas. The consistency of the soup is thick and some other ingredients always inside this soup are vegetables and sausages. Snert is usually eaten during the winter and fall times because of the cold weather. Stroopwafel is a Dutch snack, which is hard to explain. It looks a bit like a waffle and has caramel inside. You must try this when visiting The Netherlands. You can eat Stroopwafels without a topping, but some shops in Amsterdam, like Van Wonderen Stroopwafels, offer fun toppings like marshmallows or chocolate. Stamppot is a dish with mashed potatoes and vegetables and it depends on the person who makes it which vegetables it will be. Often used vegetables are carrots or endive. The stamppot is always served with a smoked sausage, which is called ‘Rookworst’. Another typical Dutch snack is the ‘Oliebol’. It is some sort of deep-fried doughnut or dumpling and the Dutch people eat this only around New Years Day.

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The Netherlands is a small country, but they have the highest population density in Europe. We understand why because the country is a pleasant country to live in. The Dutch are actually the most active population of the European Union, almost fifty percent of the people sport once a week. Something special about the Netherlands is that they have a king. The current king, Willem-Alexander, is the first Dutch king the country has had in 123 years. 

  • The Netherlands is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
  • The currency in The Netherlands is the Euro. 

Famous business people

Frits Goldschmeding, Rattan Chadha, Victor Muller, Jitse Groen, Ben Woldring, Durk Jan de Bruin, Samira Dahmani, Pieter Zwart.

Historical famous business people

Alfred Peet, Hans Breukhoven, Freddy Heineken, Albert Heijn.