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When thinking about Germany, some people have a few stereotypes in mind. Can you guess which stereotypes? The typical german man with a beer belly, because people think that the German people drink a lot, especially since they have these huge beer glasses in Germany and they have a festival called the ‘Oktoberfest’. If you do not know what they do at that festival, search it and you see there is a lot of beer, poured into 1 liter glasses. Germany is also known for its highways. We always find it interesting there is not a speed limit at German highways. Yes, you heard that right. You can easily drive up to 200 km an hour in Germany. 

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Germans eat a lot of meat, especially sausages. When visiting Germany, for example when Christmas time, you see sausages everywhere. ‘Currywurst’ and ‘Bratwurst’ specifically. You must try this, because it is amazing. Other than these sausages, the ‘Schnitzel’ is also a well-known dish. When going out for dinner and looking at the menu, I bet you will see a ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ on the menu. It is often served with fries or potatoes. Last, something that you need to try are ‘Rouladen’, mostly made by families. It is wrapped beef or pork filled with pickles and onions. When travelling in Germany, do not forget to get your hands on a ‘Bretzel’. It is a snack made out of bread with salt on top of it. 

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There are a few places in Germany you have to see. First, Berlin. The capital of Germany. The city is associated with the World War II and strolling through the city you see a lot of historical statues and buildings such as the Berlin wall and checkpoint Charlie. Second, Munich. Especially when you visit Munich in September or October, visit the Oktoberfest. The atmosphere is remarkable. In the city centre of Munich there is a lot of architecture to see. When you want to visit a more cultural place, go to Munich. Last, Hamburg. Hamburg is a large port city. The city is near the Elba, a river connected with the North Sea. There are a lot of museums you can visit when in Hamburg and strolling through the large city centre is a must.  

  • Germany is part of the EU, so importing and exporting to Germany is free. There is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% 
  • The Currency in Germany is the Euro.
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