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Denmark consists of many islands and is often being compared with the Netherlands by people. The country used to be one of the most powerful countries in the European Union. This era is called the Viking era and stands for the pride of the citizenry of Denmark. Nowadays, Denmark does not play a major role in the European Union. They are a safe and structured country. It is a country with a long coastline and beautiful nature to walk through. Along these walking routes, called the daisy route, you will see many unmanned stalls and farm shops, where you can find local and mostly organically grown products.

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The Danes are known for their famous breads, such as smorrebrod, wienerbrod and snobrod. Smorrebrod is a lunch dish richly topped with meat, fish, potato or vegetables. Wienerbröd and Snobrod are sweet Danish sandwiches. Another well-know sweet concept in Denmark is ice cream. The bulbs are large and available in all kinds of flavors.


Legoland and Copenhagen are two loving destinations for tourists. Besides that, Denmark has nearly five hundred official camping sites on the coastline, the inland or nearby a big city. Here you find ‘hops puders’. In Denmark is Sankt Hans Aften one of the most popular celebrations of the year. It is a celebration related to the summer solstice on the longest day, 21 June. That is when nature stands in its full power and splendor. After this day, the days get shorter again. Burning a fire, singing the Midsummer song, putting the witch doll on the stake and tasty Danish snacks and drinks are part of the celebration. Tourists are welcome!

  • Denmark is part of the EU, so importing and exporting to Denmark is free. There is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% 
  • The Currency is Denmark is the Danish Krone. 1 Danish Krone is 0,13 Euro.