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Cyprus is an important link in the transport of goods between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The Limassol port is, therefore, one of the most important ports in the entire region. In addition, tourism is one of the largest sources of income in Cyprus. All around Europe, people see Cyprus as a sunny and warm holiday destination. The country of Cyprus used to be a colony of the British Empire and therefore has many English influences, such as driving on the road on the left side, the sockets and English breakfast. The language spoken is Greek and Turkish, just like there neighbor countries. Cypriots can generally speak English.


Cyprus has a food culture that resembles Greek and Turkish cuisine. A meze dish is a common dish among the Cypriots. This allows you to try a selection of delicacies. Fresh fish, grilled meat dishes and large salads are also typically Cypriot. Besides these dishes, Halloumi is also a typical Cypriot dish. Halloumi is a Cypriot cheese, that is used in dishes all over the world now. The cheese is grilled and packed in brine. Last, a popular national dish is Koupepia. Inside the Koupepia you find rice, pork or beef stuffed with herbs and this is rolled into grape leaves.

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Cyprus is a Mediterranean island and the country is influenced by diverse cultures such as the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. These cultures share equivalent aspects, but they also differ from each other. For example, something they have in common is that they share hospitality. This is very important for the Cypriots. The modern culture is leaning towards a more gender-equal culture, as it was more patriarchal earlier on. The Cypriots have their heart in the right place and are very kind. Because Cyprus is a small country, many people know each other and this is something foreigners talk about when they visit Cyprus. 

  • South Cyprus is part of the EU, so importing and exporting to South Cyprus is free. There is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% 
  • The Currency is South Cyprus is the Euro.

Famous business people

Teddy Sagi, Viktor Feliksovitsj Vekselberg