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Belgium is a country where the sport culture is present. The sport of cycling is the national sport of Belgium. Popular cycling races of Europe can be found throughout the year. Another popular sport is football. The Belgian national football and hockey team are recognized by the name ‘the red devils’. It’s a household name in Belgium and it’s a tradition to dress up with an emphasis on the red element of the country’s tricolour national flag. Besides sports, Belgian comics are well known. They play a major role in developing European comics. The Flanders and Walloons are constantly influencing one another. In the capital city of Belgium, the two language groups come together. One of the biggest Belgian comics is TinTin and his dog Snowy, by Hergé. In the capital city, you can find the famous Manneken Pis. The city is the headquarter of a few international organizations and has a lot of business visitors.

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Belgium is a Burgundian country. Good food and drinks take a centre stage here. The inhabitants love the sweetness of waffles and praline chocolate bonbons. Waffles are eaten throughout the world, but particularly in Belgium. Often eaten as breakfast food with whipped cream and strawberries. There are many variations of the waffles, based on the recipe and waffle iron used. The praline chocolate bonbon is a specialty of Belgium. It’s a chocolate bonbon that can have different fillings, made by many artisan chocolatiers and several large industrial producers. A lot of cities in Belgium have their own chocolate specialty. In addition, it is one of the most popular fried foods in the world actually considered a Belgian delicacy. One of the more popular dishes in Belgium is based on this fried food served with mussels. Also, the beer culture can no longer be ignored. Many specialty beers are still being brewed in the traditional way. Collaboration with other countries are becoming bigger. There are several major beer festivals held in Belgium.

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Did you know? The country consists of Walloons and Flemings. They have a political fragmentation because there is a constant struggle over procedures, language barriers and distributing money and political power between the two. Both are touristic places and have different reasons to come and visit the sights. In Flanders, you will find a lot of historical cities such as Antwerpen, Brugge en Gent where you can go shopping or go out. The Belgian coast is also a well known holiday destination for its boulevards en piers. Wallonia is more a holiday destination where you can walk, bicycle and do survival tours in the Ardennen. In winter you can go on wintersport. Besides the sports activities, there are beautiful and centuries-old spa centres, called Spa and Chaudfontaine.

Famous business people

Jef Colruyt, Eric Domb

Historical famous business people

Alfred Loewenstein