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Austria, a beautiful nation in the heart of Europe. The Austrian people are clean. When you visit the country, you see that the people are organised and the streets are always clean. The people are also very polite to each other and they greet each other when they arrive or exit a place. The Austrian people are fit people, but that doesn’t surprise us, due to the fact there are lots of mountains. You can go climbing, skiing or just go for a walk in the forests. 


Some typical Austrian foods are related to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Although some dishes in Austria have international roots, we will provide you with some national dishes. Some typical foods are ‘The Wiener Schnitzel’, ‘The Sachertorte’, ‘Kaiserschmarrn’, ‘Apfelstrudel’ and ‘Erdäpfelsalat’. The wiener schnitzel, also named the vienna schnitzel is a typical Austrian dish. The schnitzel is from veal and is served with potatoes or fries and a lemon, which you can squeeze on the schnitzel. The sachertorte is a dark chocolate cake with apricot jam in the inside of the cake. You can decide if you want whipped cream on top of it or not. Kaiserschmarrn, literally translated as emperor’s pancakes, are fried pancakes which are chopped into little pieces and mixed with nuts and apples. The kaiserschmarrn are generally topped with sugar or cinnamon sugar. Apfelstrudel is a national pastry consisting of dough, apples and raisins. This dish is popular with the people visiting Austria around the winter period because they eat this during lunchtime when having a break from skiing or snowboarding. Erdäpfelsalat is a salad made out of fresh potatoes and herbs. It is quite healthy and served during the supper and usually a vegetarian dish. 

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The culture in Austria is influenced by its neighbours, such as Italy and Germany. Due to this, the culture in Austria is diverse. Most people living in Austria actually speak German, almost hundred percent of the inhabitants speak German. Family is important for the Austrians and the weekends are mostly devoted to family activities. What also is important to the Austrians, is appearance. They find it important to dress a little formal because it shows they put effort into it. 

  • Austria is part of the EU, so there is free traffic of goods. 
  • There is a VAT percentage on goods of 0% and there is free traffic of goods.
  • The currency in Austria is the Euro. 

Famous business people

Frank Stronach, Dietrich Mateschitz, Gaston Glock.

Historical famous business people

Daniel Swarovski, Hellmuth Swietelsky, Karl Wlaschek, Robert Alwin Schlumberger, Edler von Goldeck.