Manufy’s CO2 Compensation: Lets reduce the carbon emissions together!

The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. We know that. Would it be best to stop manufacturing clothes and fabrics altogether? Yes. Is that a realistic scenario? Not really.

That’s why we try our hardest to create a better, cleaner, more sustainable fashion landscape. Not only by encouraging better production techniques, the use of organic or recycled materials or choosing a less polluting transport option. But also by compensating all co2 emissions* of orders done through the platform.

Manufy takes care of that compensation. For free! Check how this works below.

What you will get?

Of course we want you to tell your friends so we will get you as much information on the project as we can! such as:

An accredited certificate showing the total co2 compensation that you and Manufy have achieved.

2) A media kit how to promote information to your stakeholders.

3) Explanation and photos of the projects which you have supported.

Apply for Co2 compensation here:

To calculate your emission we are going to need some information regarding your production.

Manufy x Regreener’s CO
2 Compensation

Globally, the fashion industry is estimated to contribute 3 – 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change, based on scientific studies and reports from the United Nations and charities. The clothing industry has a variety of other environmental impacts, including intensive water use, water pollution through dyeing and textile production, and pesticide and herbicide pollution through the agricultural production of cotton.

That is why Manufy has partnered with Regreener, to help compensate for emissions that are caused by the production and transportation process of textiles on our platform. Manufy already supports brands and manufacturers in making more responsible decisions to reduce their environmental impact. However some emissions take more time to reduce, reason why we have taken matters into our own hand. We will compensate the average carbon emissions caused by the transportation* of the orders that run through our platform. Hereby making the first steps to facilitating carbon neutral textile production.

Lets reduce the carbon emissions together!

The projects we support:

Agro forestry in Uruguay

Manufy believes that in order to achieve a net compensation for the transportation of our orders we need to actively get carbon out of our atmosphere, and this project in Uruguay can do exactly that. The project will comprise a total of 18,988 ha of land previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle. Instead forest plantations will be seeded for obtaining high-value, long-lived timber products and for sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Planted forests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in different carbon pools (living above-ground and below-ground biomass, soil, litter, non-tree vegetation, dead wood and harvested wood products).

This project is verified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), currently one the highest standard for carbon credits on the market. More information can be found in the project directory.

Wind farms in Turkey

As Manufy facilitates nearshoring, we think it is important to also support local project in countries that are major textile producers, like Turkey. This project’s activities aim to replace current electricity sources with renewable ones, as these will be used later on in the garment production process. By using renewable power we contribute to the conservation of water, soil, local flora and fauna, as well as conserving these natural resources and clean energy sources to future generations.

This project is verified by Gold Standard. Gold Standard was established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions featured the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contributed to sustainable development. For more information on this project, please
click here.

Regreener x Manufy

Manufy is continuously looking for partners that can help our brands and manufacturers realize their sustainability goals. Regreener is a company that wants to act now to reduce the carbon emissions in the world and help companies do just that in a simple and effective way. Along with companies they also help individuals and families with offsetting their carbon emissions.

* The compensation is based on our best estimation of the emissions generated per order. For more information please send an email to ruben@manufy.com